Day 29 – 26.04: The Way of The Wanderer

I woke up at some point in the morning and was reminded of the lovely sunburn in the back of my neck as I moved my head slightly. I procrastinated for a while before heading out to have a somewhat painful morning shower. After having showered, I headed out to get some breakfast from the Indian restaurant, Sewa (世話).

It was another lovely day with no clouds in sight and with the sun high in the sky. I walked for a few minutes until I got to the restaurant and, as always, ordered the spiciest things they have. After enjoying my meal, I headed back to the hostel to work on my blog.

After having worked on my blog for a while and after a little bit of procrastination, I came to the realisation that I had no plan for the day whatsoever. I knew that I wanted to walk around, so I decided to head out to wander aimlessly in Akihabara (秋葉原).

Popeye servers steaks in Ueno.

Popeye servers steaks in Ueno.

I wandered around for a while, going through various stores and their wares, but not really finding anything that I want to buy. When I got outside and started fiddling with my phone, I encountered an old man; a Buddhist monk scammer.

The guy walked up to me and handed me a talisman or whatever and proceeded to putting a bead bracelet on right wrist. He explained that it was all for lasting peace for the family and, as I expected, he started asking for “donations”. As I had heard about the scam before, I decided to humour the man and give him a few coins. He then demanded that I give him 500 , but I declined; he promptly took the money I gave him as well as the bracelet and was on his way to scam someone again. I was quite amused and laughed a bit before I moved on. In the end I only ended up buying a curry lunch and walking back to my hostel.

On my way to the hostel, I saw a guy with a bicycle covered with pictures of a Fate series’ character called Saber. I stopped by and asked if it was okay to take a picture. With my pictures taken, I continued and soon finished my walk to the hostel – I, of course, started procrastinating.

The man and his glorious Saber bicycle.

The man and his glorious Saber bicycle.

After and hour or two of procrastinating, I decided to go out for a walk; this time I took my camera with me. When I got to the first intersection on my way, I decided to head out to the west. The walking route was decided by the traffic lights; the first light that lights up is the way I go.

With some fifty minutes of walking behind me, I started heading back. Having gone north long enough, I noticed that I was going through a lot of familiar areas I had walked through on a previous day’s walk. I took a few pictures before continuing back to the hostel.

Before I arrived at the hostel, I made a stop at the konbini to pick a little something for myself to eat. While looking for things to drink, I noticed an interesting looking cardboard carton on the alcohol section; it had a picture of an oni and was called 鬼ごろし, Oni Killer. I took it with a couple of rice balls and some chips and went to the hostel.

Having drunk my 鬼ごろし, which was pretty much just 14% sake, I procrastinated and fell asleep at some point.

Oni killer, your regular sake in a different package.

Oni killer, your regular sake in a different package.

This is where the twenty ninth day ended.


Withdrew: 0,000

Spent: 3,086

Remaining cash: 20,633

No counting due to passing out before getting anything done.


VM – 0,120

Sewa breakfast – 1,250

Curry lunch – 0,670

7/11 snacks – 0,696

A little something for the scammer – 0,350

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