Day 28 – 25.04: Chilling With The Birds and Getting Sunburns

Getting out of bed has been getting more and more difficult over the past few days – must be because I haven’t been hurrying from a place to another for days. I got up around 11:00 to get myself some breakfast and more money to pay for my stay until Monday morning.

Instead of the normal breakfast I have, I took a light one with a couple of rice balls and some chicken. With it I take a bottle of mineral water. After getting my money and food, I got back to the hostel to pay my dues and started heading east to find a park by a river to stay and just chill at.

I walked, looking at the map every now and then to navigate towards the nearest park by the river. After a while of walking, I started getting hungry; thankfully I reached the park soon.

With the sun high up in the cloudless sky, I looked for a nice spot to sit at and start eating my breakfast. I walked closer to the river and found some nice stone steps to sit on. I ate my breakfast, dug out my Kaiji book and a notepad and started translating.

I went on translating for a while with nothing covering my neck, head or arms until I decided to go to the closest vending machine to get myself something to drink and to throw away the trash. Instead of going to the same spot, I decided to go in to the shadows.

In the shadows I took out my laptop and started playing Civilization III. During the three hours that I played it for, I managed to annihilate Gandhi and Mursilis, but then I was stuck in a perpetual war with EVERYONE. Anyone that I didn’t share an island with was technologically way more advanced, so I was just screwed. Anyway, as the sun started going down, I decided to start walking back to the hostel.

I started to feel the consequences of my disregard for protection from the sun on my way back; my neck was really damn sensitive to touch, and a quick look at my arms also revealed that I got sunburned pretty nicely. I got myself some dinner from McDonalds before finishing my journey back.

When I got back to the hostel, I joked about my sunburns with the guys on the front desk before I headed to my capsule to spend the rest of the evening procrastinating.

That is where the twenty eighth day ended.


Withdrew: 20,000

Spent: 8,207

Remaining cash: 23,719

No counting due to not really feeling like it.


VM – 0,120

7/11 breakfast – 0,406

Hostel – 6,820

McDonalds – 0,861

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