Some Splainin’ To Do – Part 3 (up till the current day)

Finally we reach the conclusion of this series summarising the events I’ve gone through over the past two or so years. It has seen many delays over the course of the last half a year which I will go into at parts in here. There isn’t much else to note before going in, so I’ll just move on to actually continuing on from where the last part ended, around Christmas.

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Some Splainin’ To Do – Part 2 (mid 2016 till late mid December)

It should be noted that some of the information given in this post may be “gross” or “too much information” (more embarrassing for me than anything else), so you should keep that in mind going in. Other than that, I’ve done all the prefacing I feel I need to do in the first part, so let’s get right into continuing on with the story, shall we?

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Day 28 – 25.04: Chilling With The Birds and Getting Sunburns

Getting out of bed has been getting more and more difficult over the past few days – must be because I haven’t been hurrying from a place to another for days. I got up around 11:00 to get myself some breakfast and more money to pay for my stay until Monday morning.

Instead of the normal breakfast I have, I took a light one with a couple of rice balls and some chicken. With it I take a bottle of mineral water. After getting my money and food, I got back to the hostel to pay my dues and started heading east to find a park by a river to stay and just chill at.

I walked, looking at the map every now and then to navigate towards the nearest park by the river. After a while of walking, I started getting hungry; thankfully I reached the park soon.

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Day 16 – 13.04: Hanami Party 2014 Osaka Edition – Aftermath

So… I blacked out last night, right? I find myself hanging out inside an underground passage like I belonged there – still drunk – right in front of the ticket gate for what I thought was a JR gate. There was no one at the ticket gate, and some people were going in, so I did too. I went to the toilet and became completely aware of the situation I was in. After I got out of the toilet and wanted to check the time, I realised that my phone was gone.

I panicked, and then saw someone in the ticket gate booth. I rushed to him to ask if my phone was seen here. When I got a negative answer, I immediately asked the man for a route to the closest police box. I walked the station for a while, asking another person for more guidance, but I ended up at a place that I didn’t know at all. I was starting to get panicked.

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Day 9 – 06.04: Youtube Hanami Party 2014 – The Aftermath

The following morning me and Jess took our stuff, checked out of the hotel and started moving back to the park to get her car back from the parking lot – now that got to become an adventure in itself.

Upon arriving to Shibuya station (渋谷駅), we started wandering towards the park, but ended going the wrong way for ten minutes. We decided to opt for a taxi instead, and eventually got to the place.

Everything was going pretty good until we got the exit out of the NHK parking lot – we noticed that the bill was 12,800 or so. Jess could not afford that, and wouldn’t let me give her the money she needed. So we decided to ask the man overseeing the exit. As neither of us could understand or speak Japanese very well, getting to some kind of understanding took over an hour.

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