I’m a Finnish guy living back in Finland after having spent an eventful year and a half working and being unemployed in Dublin, Ireland starting back in 2013.

I enjoy traveling, and between 29.03.14 and 29.04.14 I went to travel around Japan. I must say that the efficiency of their public transportation system has left me spoiled. My most recent trip abroad was to Sweden in mid 2016, but that didn’t end up going too well due to a pesky little cancer called leukemia putting me in a weakened state and, well, putting me into my current situation. But enough of that for now.

I am fascinated by languages, cultures, and eduction, and I am have begun my studies towards becoming an English teacher at a university pretty much in the middle of nowhere in Finland. Besides taking English language and culture and the mandatory minor in eduction, I study Japanese as my second minor. I’m also studying Swedish, but that’s mainly because it’s mandatory to ever get my degree. There are at least half a dozen other languages that I would also be interested in studying, but I think I’ve got my hands full with what I already have.

The Blog

“What is this blog about”, you may find yourself asking. Well, it’s about whatever I decide to post on it: photography, rants about little things, rants about bigger things, events in my life, more rants… you get the idea.

How frequently does it get updated? Whenever I find the time and energy to work on it. I have plenty of ideas and images, but I just have to get myself to putting them together into something coherent. So while the blog may appear dead, it isn’t.

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