Tyrrelstown – Hive of Scum and Villany?

Tyrrelstown. From what I’ve understood, the name of this town seems to be connected to crime and poor living conditions. I presume that those people have never lived there, and if they have, they are doing ridiculous exaggerations for some unknown reason. Whatever the case, I’ll argue some points in this rant. After the rant, there’ll be pictures, so if you’re not interested in this, just skip ahead and look at the pretty pictures.

The living conditions. It’s said that the landlords in the area are really shady. It’s also said that some of them turn from friendly in to complete arseholes the second you are pointing to any intentions of moving out of their place, even after the lease is over. I agree that some landlords have quite shady ways of going about their business, but that’s not unique to this area at all. I can’t say anything about the landlords turning on you, but I wouldn’t put it past some of them. A little bit of care with getting proof of paying the bills should take you a long way, though. Besides that, the quality and condition of the houses around here is really good as well.

As for crime? I’ve not heard of anything signifficant happening around here in the last 1.25 years I’ve been here for. Yes, there were several cars burnt before I arrived here and I have seen one burnt car during my time here, but I am fairly sure that it was an attempt at insurance fraud due to it arriving out of nowhere one day, and then having been burnt the next. Also, some car tyres and registration plates have been stolen, but there’s been nothing violent going on around here.  I like to think that since the majority of the households have children, it can’t be that bad – and it isn’t.

Likely an attempt at insurance fraud

Likely an attempt at insurance fraud – 17.11.13

Other negatives. There are a lot of kids around here, and some of them can be a bit rowdy, but that’s how kids are, right? Besides that, a lot of people have little interest in keeping their environment clean, and so there’s trash by some of the walkways. The amount of trash is small enough to mostly ignore, though – unlike in some other parts of the Dublin county. I can’t really think of other negatives.

Seeing things like this really annoys me

Seeing things like this really annoys me

The good things? Well, the rent in the houses around here is quite cheap and there’s a realtively cheap clinic within the town itself along with a Lidl, SuperValu, the excellent Chinese restaurant Aurora and a pub called Jack O’Neils. Beside the stores and services, most of Tyrrelstown is relatively clean – compared to most of the areas I’ve seen north of the city centre – and looks quite pretty. The close proximity to a bunch of business parks and the second largest shopping mall are plusses as well.

A view of the shopping area with Lidl in the distance

A view of the shopping area with Lidl in the back

In Summary: The town has some trash in the streets, some landlords are shady and the kids are rowdy. The town isn’t anywhere near as dangerous as people let you believe, but it does have some thefts and very rare car burning that might or might not be done for insurance fraud, but no violent crimes have happened during my time here. The houses are in far better condition than people let you believe – at least the ones that I’ve witnessed, at any rate. All in all, exaggeraters gonna exaggerate.

Now, pictures. They were taken on the 21st of May, 2014 on a lovely, sunny day. Enjoy.

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