Day 9 – 06.04: Youtube Hanami Party 2014 – The Aftermath

The following morning me and Jess took our stuff, checked out of the hotel and started moving back to the park to get her car back from the parking lot – now that got to become an adventure in itself.

Upon arriving to Shibuya station (渋谷駅), we started wandering towards the park, but ended going the wrong way for ten minutes. We decided to opt for a taxi instead, and eventually got to the place.

Everything was going pretty good until we got the exit out of the NHK parking lot – we noticed that the bill was 12,800 or so. Jess could not afford that, and wouldn’t let me give her the money she needed. So we decided to ask the man overseeing the exit. As neither of us could understand or speak Japanese very well, getting to some kind of understanding took over an hour.

What happened in that hour? Well: The guy tried to explain – pointing at a notice sign that he dug from somewhere – that there was an exception for Saturdays and Sundays; something that had not been properly mentioned anywhere. After a while, he asked for ID and driver’s license. The guy had to take a bike to get them copied. He then returned with copies, soon followed by a colleague asking for a car registration license. Some more back and forth chatter went on until it was settled that 4,000 is paid now, and the rest – supposedly at any point – would be paid later. After this, we took our leave, heading for Jess’s house after trying – and failing – to find the cooler she had brought with her the day prior.

The drive took a long while due to the traffic. The drive didn’t have much in it other than the occasional thunder and lightning bolt. We, after a bunch of driving, ended up at her house in Fujisawa (藤沢) suburbs, in Kanagawa prefecture (神奈川県).

The building was quite large, housing two kids, their father and Jess. The house had two bathrooms, two guest rooms, rooms for the kids, rooms for the adults as well as a huge TV room; it was difficult not to be impressed. The day went on as I wrote the previous day’s entry and after that had been done with, I joined with the majority to watch the TV. We watched a bunch of movies before I passed out on the sofa.

That is how the ninth day ended.

Withdrew: 30,000

Spent: 0,000

Remaining cash: 40,244

No money counting was done.

No money was spent that day either… I think?

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