Day 10 – 07.04: Back to Business

I woke up on the sofa of the TV room in the morning, my neck stiff as all hell. After stretching for a bit, I started trying to get up. Jess put on some dog videos and things of that nature on the computer; this went on for several hours. After all this, breakfast was had, and Jess took me to the Chogo station (長後駅).

Once at the station, farewells were said and I started going towards Fujisawa (藤沢駅) so that I can get to Tokyo station (東京駅). From there, I will finally take the shinkansen towards Morioka (盛岡市), in Iwate prefecture (岩手県).

The train ride to Fujisawa (藤沢駅) was pleasant enough, but after it had stopped and I got to the transfer gate, I noticed that this had not been a JR train – it was an Odakyu one. I explained the mishap to the ticket officer at the gate, and he kindly pointed me to pay the amount I owed at the closest ticket machine. I paid my dues and got in to my train to Tokyo (東京) in time.

The train rides to Tokyo (東京) were a little bit crowded, so I had to stand. I, of course, started getting sleepy pretty much the second I got in to the train, but unfortunately no sleep could be had. A painful hour of standing in the train later, I got to my final stop to wait for the Tohoku super express train (東北新幹線).

I bought myself some lunch from the kiosk at the station and started waiting around – nothing really happening as I waited for the eventual arrival of my transportation. I got in when my ride did come around.

I wish I had a proper, limitless connection during my three and a half hour long travel; the urge to watch Youtube videos and upload things was almost overwhelming. Unfortunately I was stuck with the tethered connection from my phone – damn the 1 GB limit that keeps creeping closer by the day. Other than chatting with some people, I wrote some more of this stuff and just let my phone recharge on the laptop. When I arrived to Morioka (織岡), the sun was well on it’s way towards the horizon.

Having thought that I would still have time to take some pictures of the town after I check in, I wandered to my hotel. On my way there, I noticed that a bunch of the roads didn’t have paths for pedestrians at all… until I noticed the underground passages. If this wasn’t Japan, I’d be afraid of getting in to these even in the middle of the day.

At the hotel, I did my business and took a shower, but I noticed that the sun was all but gone. I just decided to follow the advice of the guide book that I got when I ordered my JR Rail Pass; I decided to go to Hot JaJa (ホットジャジャ) for the local speciality – the ジャジャ麺, an originally Chinese dish called Zhajiangmian.

A view from the hotel window.

A view from the hotel window.

I got to the place, but in the end due to not properly understanding the menu nor my server, I got a bunch of Korean food with local sake – it was good regardless. After finishing, I went down to FamiMart, got some snacks, and got to working on the blog.

I was planning on going to be early, but I see that it’s midnight now. Sigh.

This is where the tenth day ends.


Withdrew: 0,000

Spent: 9,382

Remaining cash: 30,862

Too late to calculate the money.


Odakyu line to Fujisawa – 0,220

Lunch from kiosk – 0,990

Hotel Pearl City – 5,500

HotJaJa – 2,106

FamiMart – 0,566

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