Day 7 – 04.04: Sendai

Once again I woke up to Freeman’s Mind running on the screen of my laptop. The clock was starting to get closer to 9, so I decided to get dressed and go for some of the “healthy breakfast” that had been advertised in the elevators of the hotel.

I got down to the first floor and picked up some gravy covered meatballs, some salad, pan bread and orange juice. Doesn’t seem particularly healthy, but I digress. After having eaten, I went back to my room to prepare my stuff, do some of the missed daily repetitions in Mnemosyne and watch some videos before leaving.

It wasn’t raining today, so I decided to start going towards the snow capped mountains that I saw the day prior – something that I had completely forgotten to mention in the previous entry. They looked amazing from what little I saw of them in the shinkansen, so I wanted to get a clearer view of them.

I kept walking on for some half an hour before I saw something that looked like a park to my left; I immediately started heading towards it. A little walk later I found myself by a slope with a small river coursing at the bottom.

The area down the slope didn’t look too pleasant at the spot where I arrived; it had unfortunate amounts of trash by the water. I started walking along the slope, seeing small farm patches with people working on them, a pleasant park and – thankfully – the river area getting much cleaner. After walking under a bridge, I found myself at an optimal place for taking pictures of the mountains that I sought to see better. Pictures were taken, and I left for the train station once more.

While walking back, I walked by a parent and her daughter; the girl noticed me and ran to hide behind her mother, cautiously waving to me from her secure location. I smiled and waved back before moving on.

Before going to the station, I stopped by a Japanese restaurant to get myself a proper lunch. At the restaurant, I ordered grilled eel with soba noodles. It was good, but really damn expensive. Shortly after finishing my tea, I left for the station.

Upon arriving to the station, I got myself a hotel reservation, and eventually got on to a shinkansen heading to Sendai City (仙台市). The train ride was exactly what everyone is expecting.

After having gotten out of the station in Sendai City (仙台市), I started looking at map to figure out where my accommodations actually were. I had my cheap-ass headphones on, not really hearing what was going on around me, but when I lifted my eyes from my phone, I noticed an old man trying to talk to me. I took off my earphones and started talking with him.

The talk was pretty much the usual: where are you from, where have you been to, are you going to stay long, etc. It was fairly clear that the man wanted to practice his English, but I don’t in general mind things like these. This was my first time actually being asked to talk English during my stay in Japan; I was expecting for this to happen much more often due to it apparently being a frequent annoyance to westerners in Japan. At the end of the discussion, he wanted to have a picture taken with me. He then grabbed the closest person he could get and asked that person to take a picture of us. We exchanged farewells, and then he left – looking very pleased. I went back in to looking at the phone.

Eventually I found the route, followed it and got lost twice before finding my hotel. I left my stuff at the hotel due to it not being the check-in time yet and went to eat some Subway – a thing I had never done before due to my principle. It was cheap, it was okay and it was filling. Once finished with it, I went back to the hotel to take my stuff in to the room.

After having brought my things to my room, I went to take a leak before heading out, but I was met with a surprise after I was done – there was nothing to initiate flushing with. I looked everywhere, but I just could not find anything. I eventually just ignored it and left for the bus stops to find out the schedules for buses leaving for the Sendai castle site (仙台城跡).

I arrived to the station and noticed that there were no buses leaving for the castle site before 16:45 – way too late to get to the museum. Disappointed, I went to a konbini, bought some snacks and locked myself in to my hotel room at the Unizo Inn (ウニゾイン).

I wonder if I can figure out that toilet…


This is where the seventh day ends.


Withdrew: 0,000

Spent: 8,979

Remaining cash: 25,404

No money missing today either!


Lunch – 2,163

VM – 0,150

Subway – 0,470

Seven Eleven – 0,496

Unizo Inn – 5,700

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