Day 6 – 03.04: Rain or Train?

I woke up at around 8:30 or so, barely in time to get some breakfast and throw my clothes in to the coin laundry before that. I clothed up and started getting things done.

The coin laundry thing confused me a little bit, never having used anything like or anything, and to top it off, it’s in Japanese. And of course, my Japanese wasn’t quite up to it, so I asked the lady at the desk to oversee my actions – I ended up just throwing my stuff in to the thing and going to eat breakfast.

Because I didn’t want to look like I don’t know what I’m doing – I really should stop to ask someone when I really don’t know something – I just went ahead and took what was plainly out there: some fish, sausage and some pan bread. There was apparently rice and soup, but it was too late to go back (no it wasn’t). I took some water from the desk after it all, and went to check my domain registration.

The domain had been registered proper, and my account was ready… almost – there had been some issues with the registration that the support team would work on. I left it at that and got my laundry to the dryer.

When the drying was done, I checked out of the hotel and had a choice ahead of me: take the train to Nasushiobara (那須塩原) or walk in the rain. I am sure you already know what I chose.

So I walk. I walk, trying to find a Seven Eleven because they reliably hold ATMs that allow international cards. I walked in the rain until I came up to a lady, and decided to ask her if one existed around at all. She pointed me to the direction where I eventually found it. Hooray for basic Japanese skills. I got my money and started the journey to the other station.

Before I got too far, I ate at McDonalds, again. Tried to practice my Japanese a little bit while at it. After eating, I ventured forth.

Nothing special really happened during the walk other than the fact that I saw a cat skeleton. Yeah. It took me one and a half hours in the rain before I got to the station to wait for the shinkansen to Fukushima City (福島市).

I bought some Pocari Sweat (I love this brand name) and waited. The train arrived at 13:22 – on the dot, mind you – and most of the people got out from the non-reserved cars. That was much appreciated as I had no reservation.

My first shinkansen

My first shinkansen

The train ride was very comfortable and – best of all – fast. I slept most of it, though. Comfortably. I arrived to Fukushima City (福島市) and realised that I should probably get a hotel, so I started looking for one. After a while, I ended up with Toyoko Inn (東横イン).

The Fukushima station

The Fukushima station

Walking in and reserving a room was fairly easy due to one of the people behind the desk knowing some English. I paid the money and went to eat some sushi at Dan-Ya (暖や?).

I had no idea what 8/10 pieces I ate were, but they were all edible and good. After eating, I went to check in to the hotel, not leaving my room for anything other than to get deodorant and snacks. During my stay, I also got to configure my site to my liking, yay!

The red stuff's fish eggs - they're pretty nice

The orange balls are fish eggs – they’re pretty nice

This is where the sixth day ends.

Withdrew: 30,000

Spent: 10,194

Remaining cash: 34,279

243 suddenly appeared from somewhere.


Laundry – 0,500

McDonalds – 0,709

VM – 0,150

Toyoko Inn – 5,616

Dan-Ya – 1,992

Konbini – 1,227

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