Day 22 – 19.04: Free Rides Expire Eventually

I woke up with my laptop right at my face at around 06:00, shrugged and got back to sleep. I got up at around 07:00 to check up on train departures and procrastinated a little bit before preparing to release another day on my blog. After being done with all that, I decided to head out.

I walked aimlessly down up the river, taking pictures of the beautiful cherry trees. After having slowly walked around for a while, I found myself at the beginning of a mountain trekking path. Not having eaten anything since 18:00 the previous days and not having anything to drink with me, I decided to start following it.

Since I had all of my stuff with me, the climb got quite tiring very fast. The sights were gorgeous and the air was nice and fresh… but I was hungry. I kept on walking until I reached the first resting spot with a little map of the paths and a hut; the hut had an old lady and two of her grandchildren. I sat down to rest for a while.

The old lady and the kids left soon after they had finished drinking their ice tea, while I remained there to rest. Some time passed and I decided to keep moving on.

The way up wasn’t quite as steep as it had been until the first point, but it was still a challenge. I kept on going, gradually getting slower and slower and taking short stops more often. After a good while of going up, I got on the summit. After a “well earned” rest, I continued along the path, starting to descend.

Having run down some dangerously thin paths, being a reckless dumbarse, I caught up to the group that had left from the first stop. As I took a short pause, I was passed by an elderly couple that joined the old lady and her grand kids. I followed them since they obviously knew where they were going.

After a while I took a different turn from them to take a look at the area I was at. After walking for a while, I knew where I was; I had seen this place when I was walking by the river. I looked to my left and saw the group of five walk up a path and started to head there myself.

As I was walking there, the elderly couple came back, looking confused. I walked up the path and noticed that it was blocked with a gate and chains. The gate was certainly openable, but it seemed like a bad idea to go past it. I think the lady and her grandchildren went that way. I decided to follow common sense, not go past the gate and then start going back to the town to find a place to eat at – I ended up at the goddamned McDonalds.

After having reached McDonalds and all the eating was done with, I went to the station and got on my train when it arrived. I took it to the Nagano station (長野駅) from which I switched to the shinkansen leaving for Ueno (上野).

The train ride to Ueno (上野) was fairly event free and the sights weren’t that interesting, so I concentrated on writing for the most of the train ride. At some point I looked for lodgings and went with the cheapest option that was luckily in Ueno (上野). The place’s name was 1980 Yen Hostel. I got my route ready and when we got closer, I prepared to leave.

Once at the station, I navigated out and started walking to my hostel. A good twenty minutes of walking later I arrived there. There were two guys there and both of them spoke fairly okay English. They told me that my payment would go to the ticketing machine right by them. I, of course, didn’t have 1,000 bills on me, so I had to go and break some money. With a bunch of smaller bills with me, I got to pay for my stay. I got in to the elevator and headed for the seventh floor.

After I got to the seventh floor, I walked to the capsule 712B. I noticed a big door in front of me and a fairly large capsule to my right. I opened the door with a key and was very surprised how spacious the locker was; it was more like a closet in which you could comfortably sleep than a locker. I threw my stuff in there, went to a konbini, got some food and snacks and got to writing and procrastinating.

This is where the twenty second day ended.

Withdrew: 50,000

Spent: 7,427

Remaining cash: 43,714

Still too lazy to count the monies.


VM – 0,110

McDonalds – 0,709

Lunch – 0,590

Breaking money – 0,090

1980 Hostel – 4,480

Dinner + snacks – 1,048

Laundry – 0,400

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