Day 21 – 18.04: No Choppers for You!

I woke at around 07:00 and after a short while of just being on my side, I started researching an expensive destination, Aogashima (青ヶ島). To get there, I’d have to get a flight or a twelve hour ferry ride to Hachijoshima (八丈島) and from there I’d need to take either a two and a half hour ferry ride or a quick helicopter ride to Aogashima (青ヶ島); both of the methods will go to the island / come from the island once a day. I had eyed on the helicopter schedules before due to it being much more reliable than the ferry, so I started looking at flight tickets.

Haneda airport (羽田空港) would be my airport of choice, so I hastily got myself tickets costing over some 20k. After a little confusion I got my tickets reserved. A short moment later I checked the helicopter reservation schedules and noticed that there would be no free spots in the next week; my flight leaves the following day. I then quickly went to check the ferry schedules and noticed that I would miss the ferry for the day of my arrival AND that the ferry does not move on Sundays – damn it. I then quickly got my reservation cancelled and started looking at my other destination, Matsumoto (松本).

I checked the bus timetables, train timetables and the route overall, and when I got the most realistic route available, I went to the bathroom. On my way there, I exchanged greetings with an elderly man. After getting back from the delightfully warm bathroom, I started procrastinating to pass an hour or so.

Due to there not being a provided WIFI connection by the house, I had to think of something that didn’t need the internet; I ended up spending an hour with Dwarf Fortress.

The hour flew by, and it was time to leave. I packed my stuff and took them to the entrance. The old lady came to the entrance as well and asked for the payment; the payment was 6,400 円 – quite expensive (08.08.14 edit: 8,000円 is the normal full price with meals included), but it’s something I’d expect for a night at a cultural relic like this. I paid her the money and got going after exchanging goodbyes.

It was quite the chilly morning, so I decided to keep my jacket on. Not that many tourists had made their way to the town yet, so I got to take some pictures before heading back to the parking area to wait for my bus. When it arrived, I put my stuff to the trunk and got in.

The ride was mostly just being passed out and in last ten minutes or so, my back started to ache quite badly – how did I manage to get my back screwed up so fast? When we stopped, I got my stuff out and started looking for a place to get food from.

I walked around town for some fifteen minutes before just deciding to by a bento from the konbini near the station. With my bento with me, I headed to wait for my train. Upon it’s arrival, I got on, ate my bento and took out my computer to write out the previous day’s entry.

I wrote a bunch while admiring the same sights I had seen when coming to Takayama (高山), and soon enough I needed to change trains. I swapped trains at Minoota station (美濃太田駅) and headed for Tajimi (多治見). From there I could get a train straight to Matsumoto (松本).

Once on the train for Matsumoto (松本), I got my laptop out again to write a little bit while looking at the scenery. The trip was fairly uneventful, and so I eventually found myself at the Matsumoto station (松本駅). I was hungry, so I needed to find something to eat. Unfortunately, there was a McDonalds right in front of the station, and me being as weak willed as I am, I went for it.

Of all the damn things...

Of all the damn things…

After having eaten I started walking to the hostel I had reserved. The walk there got more and more painful as time went on because, well, my stomach had gotten quite upset – god damn it, McDonalds! I hurried my way to the house, only to find it empty. Thankfully the proprietor came up after I had rang the door bell.

She explained that she lived downstairs, and then went through all the basic stuff. After she was done talking, she said that she’d go to get some water from downstairs. When she left, I rushed to the toilet – toilets are great. I didn’t see her for the rest of the day as I was too busy procrastinating in my room.

This is where the twenty first day ended.


Withdrew: 0,000

Spent: 12,223

Remaining cash: 1,141

Didn’t count the money due to being lazy. Again.


ANA refund – 0,860

Bunroku – 6,400

FamiMart – 1,000

McDonalds – 0,863

Hostel – 3,100

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