What Have I Been Doing?

It’s been another while since I last wrote anything on the site. This is mainly due to me having bitten more than I could chew workload wise and I’ve desperately been trying to catch up with university stuff, but not much has come from that. Why? Well, there’s a few reasons for that, but it’s mostly due to me moving apartments back in February.

The move took some of my attention away from the coursework that I was supposed to be doing, but it’s really everything that followed the shock of a full day of doing physical work that I’m not used to that caused a few things. The first among them was the increased liquid build-up in my feet. I couldn’t fit most of my shoes on, and those that I could, hurt. So I wasn’t going to the university to do things.

The second issue that arose was pain that I felt in my bones. This pain was not restricted to just my knees and ankles, but it was positively everywhere. The pain came out of nowhere, and after the weekend of not being able to do anything, it disappeared into the nothingness it came from. For the most part. My fingers still hurt a bit, a month later.

Following the pains, both of my big toes, in turn, felt like they had received fatigue fractures due to the recent stress. But that can’t be it. You can’t recover from that in a matter of days, can you? The pains from the toes had me stuck home for another week or so.

I also had sudden, unexplained fever on a few occasions and overpowering tiredness for weeks.

It took me three weeks to recover from all of that. During these three weeks I managed to get nothing done, so, of course, I managed to accumulate an extra three weeks of catching up to do, which is just flat out impossible to achieve at this point. I’ve given up on about half of my courses at this point and I’m concentrating on salvaging whatever I still can while trying to avoid stressing too much about it. The fevers might’ve come from all the stress I had for all the catching up I knew I needed to be doing. Oh well.

So that’s it. I’ve been busy stressing and not being able to alleviate neither the workload nor the stress itself, so I’ve mostly given up on this semester. To try to help with the stress, I’ve been playing a bunch of games lately, so I think I’ll write up something on those soonish. Maybe.

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