The Fellow of Joensuu: Two Octobers

Well now. It’s been ages since I last made a post that focused on pictures. I think it’s time to bring this “brief” pause to an end today!

It really has bothered me over the years that I’ve had some of these pictures from 2015 just sitting around, so I decided to put them together with the recent pictures I took in Joensuu. There are still more Autumn and Summer pictures that I’ve got lying around (some from Sweden as well), but they will get to have their moment at some point. Today we focus on pictures from Joensuu from the Octobers of 2015 and 2018.

October 2015

There’s not much context to give here: it was a lovely weather out and I wanted to take pictures. I do recall, however, that there was a fairly visible smudge on the lense that lead me to delete a lot of pictures and to start poking at the mirrors within the camera itself. If you don’t know what you’re doing, better let someone else do that; I made the problem worse for a long time before I managed to get it fixed.

October 2018

On this day we decided to go out to visit the market in the town centre. It was unusually warm for that time of year, +15 Celsius came just out of nowhere. After having dined, we started walking around just for the sake of walking around. This gave me an excuse to take pictures. I do wish that I had started using RAW format before I did this though. It wasn’t too long after this particular trip to the market that I decided to install a photo editor. After testing it for a bit, I started to finally realise why people take pictures in RAW: the potential for fixing pictures. I could manage to do some improvements even in the current format, but problems such as oversaturation would be so much easier to fix with RAW.

Anyway, the pictures.

And that’s all for now. I think that the picture with the girl sitting by the rocks is one of the best pictures I’ve taken yet. What do you think?

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