Day 24 – 21.04: Akihabara, The Mecca of Nerds / Eater of Wallets

I woke up with the familiar back ache around 08:00. I was meant to leave the hotel today, but I didn’t really have another place in my mind, and I didn’t want to start spending stupid amounts of money to stay at another place, so I asked if I could stay for another couple of nights – the guy at the desk didn’t have anything against it. Having received confirmation, I got out to get myself some breakfast and to break a 10,000 bill to pay for my stay.

I got myself some pork curry from Sukiya (すき屋) and came back. After having eaten my pork curry, I got my laptop out and checked out how far Akihabara (秋葉原) was; it was a mere two kilometre walk from the Ueno station (上野駅). When I felt like moving again, I got going, taking my umbrella with me.

The walk towards Akihabara (秋葉原) went fairly slowly due to the rain and slippery everything, but I got there after some fourty minutes of walking. On my way there a random Japanese guy drove towards me with his bicycle and suddenly started staring at me and then struck a pose with his hands creating a triangle before just passing me by. I wish I had gotten a picture of that.

First order of business in Akihabara (秋葉原) was to go to the Yodobashi Camera building (ヨドバシカメラマルチメディア) to take a look at the camera accessories – mainly tripods — and other things in there. I walked about a little while before I found it.

The first floor was just filled with pre-built computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. so I just moved on to the second floor. The second floor was filled with computer accessories and components. I might’ve spent a good while in there, drooling after things that I probably shouldn’t buy due to how expensive they are. I then moved on to the third floor with cameras and camera accessories.

I didn’t really take a look at the lenses that they had available because I just knew that I couldn’t afford anything I wanted, so I moved on to look at the tripods. I looked at them, tested a couple, but I couldn’t decided on any, so I just kept moving on in the store. After satisfying my curiousity, I moved on to see other shops.

I could live in this building.

I could live in this building.

Having checked out a couple of smaller shops, I noticed something that I had read about: M’s. “What is M’s?” I hear you ask. Well… It’s a six story sex shop, suggested to be visited by many due to it’s quite strange contents. I skipped it – for now – and moved on to visit the Gundam Cafe that I had heard about.

The store with the green signs. That's M's.

The store with the green signs. That’s M’s.

A short walk later, after having passed the AKB48 Cafe, I arrived at the Gundam Cafe. There were people in uniforms serving customers and the dishes served were all somehow made related to Gundam. I got myself a latte and some curry.

After having eaten, a large man passed my table by and took a picture of some Gundam stuff on the wall. He then started walking back to his table until he noticed my plate. He took a look at it and asked if he could take a picture of it since his had been different. I gave my okay to it and he seemed happy enough afterwards. After taking a few pictures myself, I got out to explore once again.

I was about to pass by M’s, but then I decided to go inside – because why the heck not? I walked between the thin walkways between shelves full of porn and fetish equipment, occasionally seeing amused tourists and very serious customers. After having checked each floor, I ventured outside to go to some other place instead.

I walked around for a few hours, visiting various stores, looking for souvenirs and other interesting things. Most of the stuff I was looking for, Umineko related things mainly, could only be found in the form of fan made porn… until I found a store that sold the two PS3 games. At some point I went to eat at KFC and remembered just how disappointing it has always been to me – it’s just some damn chicken slapped in to a sandwich. Beside the games, I found a bunch of stuff and in the end I just dreaded to look at the receipts that had piled up in my pocket.

After having arrived to the hotel, I got to ripping and tagging the CDs I had bought, packed my newly bought crap in to a suitcase I had bought just for them and then found out the dreadful numbers that can be found at the end of this entry. I chatted a bit with people, planned on my next few days and procrastinated a little bit before deciding to go out for a walk. It had been raining when I came back, so I took my umbrella with me.

It was still raining outside, so after having returned my key to the front desk, I got out and put my umbrella to use. I walked for a little while, listening to my newly bought TAMUSIC – because violins are goddamn amazing – until I reached a McDonalds. I needed to get myself something to eat so I got myself an avocado beef burger. While eating and listening to the lovely sounds of both piano and violin, I started thinking about my passed grandmother – as much as I love violins, I hate how they always get me emotional and thinking the most depressing things. Whatever the case, I hope she’s in a better place and rests in peace. After having finished my thought, I got out, went over the road and headed forwards, to the west.

I walked forwards for a good while before feeling that I should take a right and head northwards. I walked for a long time, thinking that I was gradually getting closer to the place I had started from, but this was wrong; I had gradually walked further away. After having checked my location on the map, I started heading eastwards, following the river by my side.

Violins go quite well with a leisurely walking pace in the rain. All of it made for quite a pleasant journey – if you don’t count in the fact that the heels of my boots have holes in them and just eat up water as I go. Just like the day prior, I was quite amazed by the views of the city at night. When I eventually reached a larger road, I started following it southwards until I reached my hotel once more.

After having taken my shower, I got to procrastinating and at some point fell asleep.

This is where the twenty fourth day ended.


Withdrew: 30,000

Spent: 47,451

Remaining cash: 21,670

No counting due to starting late again.


VM – 0,100

Sukiya breakfast – 0,561

1980 Hotel – 4,280

Yodobashi Camera earphones – 3,090

Yodobashi Camera magic – 1,160

Gundam Cafe – 1,210

Gamers music – 7,236

Kotobukiya shirts – 8,208

KFC – 0,650

TRADER games – 7,776

Mandarake comics – 0,702

Somestreetstore omiyage – 1,009

Yodobashi Camera suitcase – 10,770




Yeah… I think my 2000€ budget (after the flight tickets and the Rail Pass) was right on the money.

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