Day 12 – 09.04: Under the Seaaaaaaa

After having woken up from my restful sleep, I started preparing myself for the breakfast that was to be downstairs. I took my dirty clothes with me to put in to the coin launderette and headed downstairs.

Having used a coin launderette once before now, I threw in my clothes most courageously, paid the dues and moved on to the buffet in the second floor.

The breakfast was served in a proper hotel area, and the selection was very wide – anything from croissants to fresh fish. I, being my typical self, took a stupidly small portion with a little bit of this and that. I really need to get over this “but what do others think!?” mentality; I paid for the damn thing. Having finished up my insufficient portion, I went back to my room to do a couple of things on the laptop. Soon enough I went to throw my now washed laundry to the dryer.

The half an hour went by fast, but when I came to check on my laundry, I noticed that they were all still damp. The time for checking out and moving on was so close that I just decided to pick them up and move on – I would be annoyed by my decision later on.

First thing after I got outside was to start looking for a sea view – so I headed northwards. I walked by some interesting looking buildings and found myself staring at the ocean. The sights weren’t very special, so I quickly moved on to the station – taking pictures of whatever I thought interesting, such as the memorial ship that was docked next to the Aomori station (青森駅).

When I got in, I got stuck thinking; I missed the most recent train to Hakodate (函館). I decided to board a train that was going to Kanita (蟹田駅), a small stop by the ocean; the Hakodate (函館) train would go through this town. I boarded the train on the platform and started passing out throughout the 25km long train ride.

After arriving, people were looking me with amusement and concern, wondering if I was all right. An older gentleman noticed me looking about, confused, and told me that we were in Kanita – I, of course, misunderstood this, and thought that I needed to change the train; I rushed to the train on the other platform. A moment of thinking later, I got out and read the sign; I was indeed in Kanita (蟹田). Having woken up a little and checked my next train, I got out of the station.


There was nothing very special about the town – anything that I noticed, anyway – so I walked around, taking pictures and eventually turning back so that I could get to my train in time. The train arrived soon after I got to the station.

The train was boarded, and soon moving again. During the early part of the ride I was met with lovely countryside imagery, but that soon changed in to the darkness of the world’s longest underwater tunnel – specs for which were explained on the backs of the seats on the train. I don’t remember much of the other side of the tunnel, but I do remember that the sight was quite amazing – seeing my current destination on the opposite side of a long, curving beach.

Info on the Seikan Tunnel

Info on the Seikan Tunnel

Having arrived, I immediately started looking in to how open the Mt. Hakodate (函館山) was at this time of year. The lovely information desk ladies informed me that the cable cars go up until 21:00, and then proceeded to giving me a 10% discount ticket. How nice. With the information I wanted, I headed towards the mountain.

On my way to the mountain, I got myself something to eat, after which I kept stopping by each of the information signs, reading on the history of this interesting city. A good while passed before I got up the hill and finally to the cable car station.

On the station, I got myself a ticket and got up. The ride was interesting to someone such as me, a person with a fear of heights. Everything went smoothly, and I got to the top.

Views from the top of the mountain were quite amazing, and I was quite sad that I couldn’t stay to take pictures after dark because: 1) I don’t have a damn tripod; and 2) I have to move on to Sapporo(札幌) before too late. I read up more on the history and general information surrounding the mountain, taking pictures as I went, and when it was time to go, I bought some souvenirs before going back down; I am certain that whoever is going to receive some of them will be delighted.

After I got down, I bought some more stuff before heading to see the nearby temple. At the temple, I was assaulted by some damn massive crows – have I mentioned that the birds tend to be fairly big around here? Well, I didn’t really get assaulted as much as I got hit by a crow flying past me after a fight with others of it’s kind. Shocked, “bruised” and “abused”, I headed towards the station.

Suddenly, while walking towards the station, I was assaulted by battle sausages (aka dogs with short legs). The owners apologised and jogged on so that the dogs would be distracted. I was amused. On the station I boarded the next train to Sapporo (札幌).

Trying to reserve a hotel room was near impossible due to’s mobile version still working like ass – apologies for my French – and the connection being just awful throughout the trip. Closer to the end, I got my room for some 25€ at a hotel called Nest Hotel Sapporo Ekimae.

After the four hour torture was over, I headed towards my hotel, taking pictures of the station and it’s surroundings while I went on. The hotel was fairly easy to find and only a ten minute walk away from the station. I paid my dues, got my room key, headed to my room and ended up being surprised.

Sure, the room is normally 41€ or so, but this was a really nice room with two beds, a damn spacious writing table and so many extra toiletries that I was just amazed. All this for 25€ was a steal for certain. After I got over my amazement, I went to withdraw some money and buy some dinner. I ended up buying the second Kaiji book that had just recently come out – I think – on top of the food.

After finishing my meal, I procrastinated a little before letting myself pass out.

This is where the twelfth day ended.


Withdrew: 30,000

Spent: 10,523

Remaining cash: 41,336

Nothing missing, nothing gained.


Laundry – 0,400

VM – 0,130

Hakodate shops – 1,512

Hakodate shops 2 – 0,300

Hakodate food – 1,275

Hakodate Ropeway – 1,080

Konbini – 2,626

Hotel – 4,500

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