Christmascaching in Finland (24.12.14)

You know how Christmas is the time of year that you’re meant to spend time with the family and just stay home? Yeah well, I spent a couple of hours geocaching before lunch. The lighting was great (the sun was actually visible for once), and the snow seemed like it was going to be gone soon enough, so I had to go get some pictures as well.

Having never parked around the area, I spent a good ten minutes thinking of how I should be parking my car when I got there. With the initial difficulties out of the way, I decided to wander in to the forest in hopes of getting a few good pictures before starting to hunt for the geocaches in the area.

I spent a good while walking around, trying to work with the awfully loose tripod I had. When I had my fix of pictures, I started heading towards the closest geocache.

The geocache was in the middle of the forest with no real paths going to it, so I just walked straight towards it, getting some snow on my camera in the process. The cache was easy to find when I got to the coordinates. Next I headed for a cache overlooking the newer parts of the town.

After a good while of walking to it through deep snow and getting some weird looks, I got to the coordinates. I looked for it for a while, but the suspicious eying and the number of possible hiding spots being covered by snow got me to back away for the time being. With that, I moved on to another cache at which I would be much more out in the open.

Several cars full of people had come to the area by that point, so I just hurried up, got the cache and scrammed. Before leaving for lunch, however, I went to see if I could find a cache hidden close to some burnt down buildings.

After some fifteen minutes of searching, I gave up and headed for home to curse the vapor gathered within my camera.

It took most of the day before this cleared up.

It took most of the day before this cleared up.

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