Day 3 – 31.03: Are all coastal towns mazes?

Taking the 6:57 train out of Kazusa-Kameyama (上総亀山) felt weird, it felt like it had been ages since I last took a train, even though it had just been less than twelve hours since I came in with one. This feeling passed soon enough as I started passing out again. Before I left, I took some pictures of the surroundings.

I reached my final destination after an hour’s time, at around 8, and started to look for a place that sells breakfast. Me, of course, being a dummy, I didn’t stop to ask for anyone, and so I wandered around – taking pictures of things such as temples, fish and turtles – and eventually returning to the station and going to the other, eastern exit. It took me ages, and I travelled at least 4 kilometres, but I found a McDonalds – seemingly the only place that serves breakfast (that I could find, at any rate).

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